Central Land Management Services aim to optimise the environmental, productive and developmental potential of your rural property. We have extensive experience in land management and land use planning and understand the issues that confront owners of property in rural areas.

We offer the following services:

Weed control



Maintenance Works

Landscape Property Plans

Landscape Property Plans

What is this type of planning all about?
A Central Land Management Services comprehensive property management plan will provide you with a long-term vision for your property. Property management plans are designed to help describe to your local council your aspirations while working within the limits of the statutory planning structure.
A Land Use Plan will identify your land’s potential and problems, and show you how to make the best use of resources.
A Lifestyle Allotment Plan will acquaint town or city dwellers with all aspects of their land, from weed identification to rural landscape design.
A Whole Farm Plan involves examining the total assets of a property – soil, water, trees, livestock, pastures, crops, vegetation and wildlife - to find out how to make the best use of these resources. It helps you maintain or improve production without degrading your assets.

Our complete design and consultation package can include:
  • Tailored property information to suit your planning criteria
  • Environmental management
  • Land Capability Assessment
  • Voluntary Environmental Resource Inventory (VERI)
  • Land management
  • Landscape design
  • Farm management
  • Horse and livestock management
  • Drought management and planning.

The specifics of which are:
  • Up to date digital mapping
  • Fencing and subdivision
  • Septic and ground water intrusions
  • Landcare (linkages to funding)
  • Agricultural production
  • Native vegetation
  • Waterway and stream frontage management
  • Water needs and reticulation planning
  • Erosion management
  • Weeds identification and management
  • Yarding requirements
  • Pest animal management.


Photos are examples of digitally mapped plans using Geographic Information Systems technology. All Property Management plans comprise of a detailed selection of visual overlays and a comprehensive written report.

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